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Welcome to web site of wood carving master Josip Zović

This hand carved wooden figures comes directly from Croatia. Carving wood is one of oldest art forms. It can be use for decoration, as presentete etc. Decoration of wood has been a famous art.

For best carving results is best use softwood with very featureless graining. Therefore the material I use is Lime tree and a best technique is deep carving. Deep carving requires a lot of labor and skill and it is most expensive.
My wood carving is original hand carved, 100 % hand carved, not caring machines involved.
I am interested to sell my carving models (figures) and maybe if you are interested to buy do not hesitate and delay or you may miss your chance to own this rare beauty.

For thousands of year’s female body has been constant obsession with artist and craft men, and I hope that one of my work will beautify your room, house or your ship. I hope that you will get same challenge for carving models that I have.
On this site you can see figures of Kelly Brook, Maria Callas and two another figures of nude women’s that I have for selling.

Our wood carved sculptures are ideal luxury gifts for Christmas and New year.

Place of Origin : Croatia
Material: wood – Lime tree

- Classic female figures
- Classic faces in wood
- Wooden models of ships

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